About Us

Secure Canada was founded (as the Canadian Coalition Against Terror) by families of 9/11 victims to combat terrorism, extremism, and related threats by creating innovative and transformative laws, public policies, and alliances that strengthen Canada’s national security and democracy. Secure Canada has proposed cutting-edge strategies on issues including foreign interference, hostage-taking, human shields, returning foreign fighters, sanctions, and terror victims’ rights. Most dramatically, Secure Canada drafted a landmark law that enables victims of terror and their families to sue state and non-state actors that sponsor terrorism – securing $7,152,600,000 CAD in judgments to date.

Secure Canada was born in the ashes of 9/11, founded by those who lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks that changed the world forever. Secure Canada’s founders have never wavered from their commitment to transform their personal experience with terrorism into a vehicle to protect others from suffering a similar fate. 

Secure Canada is powered by a highly specialized team of professionals that includes lawyers, researchers, and counterterrorism experts, and is distinguished by its ability to develop bold strategies others have never even imagined. 

Secure Canada has the framework, experience, and expertise to successfully engage the cumbersome systems of government often resistant to change, while providing motivation, opportunity, and empowerment for citizenry of all stripes to become partners in our efforts.   

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