Bill S-7 Suing Terror Sponsors


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Canada needs to wake up and fight antisemitism

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Secure Canada Condemns Hamas Terrorism in Israel and Commends Muslim Partners Denouncing Heinous Acts

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For victims of Iran’s terrorism, the global reach of justice must never end: David Matas and Sarah Teich for Inside Policy

Global Imams Council Stands with Canadian Jews

First Public Endorsement by a Major Islamic Clerical Body of the Recent UN Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denial

Global Imams Council Condemns Terror Attack on Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue

PS752 Update: Court Awards $107 Million to Terror Victims under C-CAT’s JVTA

PS752: IRGC Terror Listing Past Due

Victims and Perpetrators Respond to Ontario Court Decision Finding Iran Intentionally Shot Down PS752

PS752: An Act of Intentional Terrorism

Another Success for C-CAT’s Landmark JVTA Anti-Terrorism Legislation

A new law could help Canada fight hostage-taking by other states – OpEd in Ottawa Citizen

Government needs new tools to discourage hostage-taking – Op-Ed in National Post

Global Imams Council Adopts the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism – C-CAT MEMO

Canadian Terror Victims Laud Global Imam’s Council Adoption of IHRA Definition of Antisemitism

Pakistani Sponsorship of Khalistani Extremism: Sanction it! – Op-Ed

9/11 2020 – an Environmental Catastrophe Continues to Kill

9/11 by the Numbers – 2020 Update

C-CAT Remembers Canadian Victims of 9/11 on the 19th Anniversary

9/11 2020 – Canadian Victims of Terror Salute

Iran’s properties in Canada sold, proceeds handed to terror victims

9/11 2019: C-CAT responds to U.S. Congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar

Briefing Memo: Listing the IRGC in its Entirety as a Banned Terrorist Entity Under Canadian Law

Action Items – Iran Accountability Week 2019

Op-Ed: How We Die Matters

Op-Ed: Trudeau should keep Iranian officials who target and murder Jews out of Canada – 2019

Op-Ed in The Australian: ALP Policy will Enable “Pay for Slay” Killers

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Op-Ed: Iran, Apartheid, and Canada

Op-Ed: It’s Time Ottawa Supported Iranian Feminists Instead of the Ayatollah – 2018

Take a moment to remember the Canadian victims of 9/11…

Motion to Recognize ISIS Atrocities as Genocide

National Post Full Comment: “Qatar Drops Canada from Dubious Rank of Friends”

Parliamentary petition to keep Iran listed in Canada as a “State Supporter of Terrorism”

Op-Ed: Canada, Ban This Organization That Burns Christians and Bombs Churches Now

C-CAT Sponsors Full Page Ad in the Ottawa Citizen Decrying Display at Ottawa’s City Hall

Op-Ed: Whither the Muslim Brotherhood

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Victims, Heroes and Pakistani Complicity in the Attack on Mumbai

Obama, Make It Clear to Iran That the U.S. Is Prepared to Increase Sanctions

The Obama-Rouhani Playbook for Aspiring Tyrants

C-CAT Member Dr. Sherri Wise files first Canadian lawsuit against Iran under new anti-terrorism laws

Boston, My Family, and “Root Causes”

Op-Ed: Canada Gave Iran the Taint of Illegitimacy

Are Iranian Spies Slipping Through our Immigration Loopholes?

The Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act (JVTA) Has Been Passed into Law

Final Vote Today on Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act (JVTA) (included in Bill C-10)

Understanding Today’s Proposed Government Amendment to Bill C-10

C-CAT Co-founder Maureen Basnicki Receives Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Governor General

Canadian Terror Victims Laud Harper Government for Introducing Victims Legislation

Mintz Op-Ed: Give Terror Victims Tax Deduction

Any of Us Could Have been Any of You